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  • extendedbed
    790 (inc. VAT)
    Design Serves lifetime It's either exciting, challenging (let's be honest), and inspiring to see how your teens slowly become adults. So we develop our extended bed which accompanies them during these changing times. Just like the famous Latvian poet Rainis once has said, "Stays the one which is able to [...]
  • junior bedbeds for kids


    890 (inc. VAT)
    Design Minimalistic, sustainable, handcraft Getting to bed a bit earlier after a long day of school to spend some time with a good book is simply perfect. Our girls love it, so we decided to make a bed that is comfortable not only for sleeping but for sitting as well. [...]
  • join me chair for kidschair for children
    155 (inc. VAT)
    Design Comfort above all The days when our little ones needed a chair as an assistant for learning to walk are replaced by the need for a particularly stable, sustainable, and lovely chair to sit on while drafting a birthday card for their friends. The curvy back of the new [...]
  • join me table_kukuu_chair and table for children
    €252 (inc. VAT)
    Design Table + removable stationary While children get older and their creativity grows, more space for the supplies is a must. The new and advanced KUKUU table with a removable part for stationary comes in handy at the most active moments that are followed by an artsy mess as well [...]
  • solo_kukuu_deskChanging Table
    From 765
    Design Story of care Being a parent means raising a responsible person that will care for the planet and its inhabitants with love, compassion, and respect. SO:LO – an innovative piece of furniture that grows with a child from changing table to kids table with bench and desk as well. [...]
  • wardobewardrobe
    1,238 (inc. VAT)
    Design Horizontal + vertical sections Girls are little princesses – and trying on clothes is a big deal for them! Therefore, along with the usual vertical section, the bird&berry functional wardrobe also has a horizontal section where kids have access to their daily clothes whenever their green mood in the [...]
  • night standnight stand
    359 (inc. VAT)
    Design Home for the most loved toys Observing children before they went to sleep, we understood that babies also need their favorite things near them during the night. And, if they have not just one, but several of them, then a nightstand can be very useful. It is also practical [...]
  • join me bed kidsBed for kids
    Design Bed for an older sister or brother The bed for an older sister or brother will not only delight the sleeper when a new arrival joins the family but will also prove to be a great addition to the nursery layout, taking its place among the other bird&berry furniture [...]
  • bookshelf kidsbookshelf kids
    Design Sloping elements through the collection In the collection of design furniture for kids, bird&berry’s spacious toy bookshelf is open – like a child’s view of the world. The cupboard has been designed so that kids can easily find their toys when they want to play, and conveniently put them [...]
  • chair for kidschair-kukuu
    110123 (inc. VAT)
    Design Particularly stable chair This is the first chair in a child’s life on which it learns to sit independently. For example, Lotte first climbed onto a chair with both feet – and only then sat down on it. This is why bird&berry baby chairs are designed to be particularly [...]
  • children tabletable-kids
    245 (inc. VAT)
    Design Practical and stable Right from the earliest years of its life, it is important for a child to discover, imagine and create. A table can be very practical in this regard. Bird&berry’s most creative product is created to be sufficiently compact so as not to take up much room, [...]
  • dresser-kidsdresser-kids
    Design Multifunctional furniture During the first months of its life, the dresser is a source of adventures for the child – here it is unraveled from the chrysalis of its crib and presented to the big world. A baby feels safer if it has something to hold on to with [...]