about kukuu

Architects and designers are the ones who strive to ensure that we’re also surrounded by beautiful things on a daily basis. Representatives of these two professions have another good quality – when they come across anything that doesn’t meet their high requirements in any field of life; they are ready to goto work and create something new.

Practicing architect Aija Priede-Sietina and designer Daneks Sietins are the happy parents of two daughters from Baltic states (Riga, Latvia).  Their third child, KUKUU furniture, was born together with their second daughter, Sophie. Born because, while they were cradling their first child Lotte, they grew tired of looking for functionally designed, ecological, sustainable and matching furniture that is safe for children, and which, rather than suppressing it, actually nurtures a child’s personality. Because it’s not the bed but the kid that’s most important in a nursery.

Currently KUKUU design furniture for babies is growing together with the family’s younger generation – as Lotte and Sophie play, Aija and Daneks are observing their daughters’ needs, interests and habits, and step by step are creating a collection that combines an deeply intimate understanding of the inner world of kids, professional design solutions and high quality ecological materials. Their first bird&berry furniture and accessories collection is founded in 2010 and produced since 2011.

KUKUU’s name was inspired by the baby’s first game – hide-and-seek. Kukuu. Where’s Lotte? Lotte isn’t here. Sophie, where’s mum? Kukuu, mum’s here. KUKUU furniture teaches children to play using their creativity without suppressing their powers of perception.